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At Electriel we have been developing custom electronics and embedded systems since 2011. Many years of custom products development in different industrial sectors has given us extensive experience and solid knowledge which we continue to develop constantly to bring the best products and solutions to the market. For most of our customers we are a reference Partner to find flexible and efficient solutions to problems where electronics can help.

In addition to custom products, we design and manufacture industrial dataloggers featuring multiple logging methods, extended memory and smart memory use, modern touch screen display with graphical user interface, smart multi-sensor external inputs, standard USB connector and free configuration software.

Our vision points toward the future: we continuously study and implement into our products the most modern and reliable technologies to guarantee that our products hardware fulfills not only the needs of today, but are flexible and powerful enough to easily implement new solutions keeping modernity throughout the whole product lifecycle.

And above all, we are driven by innovation and customer focus: we carefully listen and understand our customers' needs, thus guaranteeing both our customers and our own success.